Two Step Therapy

Learn practical skills to help you tackle problems, take back control and lead a better life, in just two targeted face-to-face sessions with no long-term commitment.


Our targeted 1-to-1 programme aims to identify your issue in just two sessions, while giving you the psychological tools you need to move forward. 

How can this help me?

Stuck in an endless cycle of negative thoughts? Are insomnia, anxiety or low self-esteem clouding your life? What starts out as a minor concern can soon escalate, so why not take back control of your feelings? Our two-step plan is designed to provide you with an insight into how therapy can work for you, while giving you the tools to lead a more confident, positive life.

How does it work?

Our Two-Step Therapy is based on CBT and Mindfulness techniques. It offers an affordable way to connect to one of our unbiased, specialist psychotherapists; together you will shine a light on the issues that are currently holding you back and preventing you from living your best life. Over two 60-minute sessions, you’ll be able to talk privately and face-to-face in a safe, comfortable environment. You’ll leave with a new awareness, and be equipped with the simple skills you need to move forward positively and proactively. Think of it as an MOT for the mind.

Is this the right therapy for you?

Two-Step offers a great psychological starting point, especially for those who may feel a little daunted by therapy. While friends, self-help books or mindfulness apps can all be useful, Two-Step offers an effective and accessible means of talking confidentially to a therapist who will view things from your perspective and help you learn how to manage your problems.

You’re just two steps away from a better you...take back control now

Whatever issue you’re facing, our therapists have come across it and can help you in a non-judgemental and confidential environment. With no long-term contract or commitment, you’re just two steps away from living a better life, so why not take control and invest in your wellbeing? 

It could be the best two hours you ever spend on yourself.

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