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Aditi Jain

Trainee CBT Therapist

•    I am a Trainee CBT therapist completing my final year of Masters at Goldsmiths, University of London. I have previously completed my Masters in Clinical Psychology at Royal Holloway, University of London. 
•    I have worked individually with a diverse group of people from a variety of ethnic, religious, and cultural backgrounds.
•    My aim as a mental health professional is to reduce the stigma around mental health and create a safe and non-judgemental environment for my clients to achieve the goals they set for themselves. 
•    My approach in therapy focuses on reflection and problem-solving. This approach develops our self-awareness to draw links between our thoughts, feelings and behaviours. Consequently, providing us tools to identify and cope with our problems. 
•    When I am not a trainee, I like to be outside and enjoy nature.

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Priscille Matadi

Trainee CBT Therapist

•   I strongly believe that everyone has the ability and the strength to overcome their issues if they are ready, have the right environment and support." Together, we will work collaboratively in order for you to develop skills that will allow you to improve your quality of life.
•    I am a French speaker. I have lived in Paris for the past 10 years. 
•    I am a qualified integrative counsellor and I have a postgraduate degree in Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT).
•    I am a trainee in CBT in my second year Masters degree and I am working toward my accreditation.