Individual short term discounted Therapy

The devastating effect of the pandemic has highlighted the necessity for immediate mental health support and services. 

At Greenwich Psychology we are now working in affiliation with post graduate CBT students at Goldsmith University to provide low cost therapy. This will make high quality CBT psychotherapy accessible and affordable within our community. A limited number of these discounted places are on offer. 

Why Student Clinicians?

We identified a need for low cost therapy services, and we can now offer a limited number of discounted places each year for a full course of CBT therapy at a cost within your means.

All our student clinicians are on the latter stages of their CBT training towards their qualification and accreditation at Goldsmiths University.

We go through a rigorous process of selecting the most suitable student clinicians to work in our clinic. 
Once approved they will provide therapy under close clinical supervision of one of our highly experienced senior Therapists.

Dr May is part of the teaching staff on the CBT post graduate course at Goldsmiths University as a clinical supervisor.

Contact us for a free phone assessment

Please use the contact form to let us know how we can help you.

Alternatively you can​ email us:
Or call us on 0207 099 8267 

How does this work?

Following a telephone consultation in which a low-fee CBT therapist has been recommended, you will go onto our short waiting list.


We will make every effort to start your therapeutic journey as soon as we can.

What can you expect from attending?

A safe, confidential environment to work together to create a proactive self-management programme which works for you

Is short term therapy right for me?

We will discuss the therapy options which best suit you. Together you will look at learning a proactive and results driven approach to helping yourself feel confident and well again.

The tools we will teach you are simple, yet effective, and can be learnt over a mutually satisfactory short programme of therapy.

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