Individual short term Therapy

Free yourself from negative behavioural patterns through a course of 6–12 face-to-face sessions, built around highly effective Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) and Mindfulness techniques. 

Realistic Goals to empower you

Through a short term, effective and individually tailored, self-management programme, you will feel empowered to take back control of your life. 
Together we will look at the way that your thoughts, feelings and behaviours interact: 

  • Realistically understanding your own limitations, it becomes easier to work within those constraints to build confidence and happiness again.

  • Realistically embracing your own talents and abilities, it becomes easier to see a positive way forward. 

  • Realistically, the established negative behaviours and thoughts of your past will be exchanged for a plan you live with, a plan in place to enable you to achieve whatever you want

What can you expect from attending?

A safe, confidential environment to work together to create a proactive self-management programme which works for you


Is short term therapy right for me?

We will discuss the therapy options which best suit you. Together you will look at learning a proactive and results driven approach to helping yourself feel confident and well again.

The tools we will teach you are simple, yet effective, and can be learnt over a mutually satisfactory short programme of therapy.

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