Gillian Carmichael

Gillian Carmichael

Senior Gestalt Counsellor

I am a qualified Gestalt counsellor with over 7 years’ experience working with couples and individuals. As a counsellor I am very open minded and work in an empathetic non-judgemental way.

I help couples around such issues as:

  • Conflict resolution methods and communications difficulties

  • Sexual problems

  • Unresolved baggage from childhood or a previous relationship

  • Loss of trust and problems with intimacy

  • Effects on a relationship of Infidelity or use of Pornography

  • Significant changes that affect the relationship such as; a new baby, an illness, taking care of ailing parents or a death in the family

  • Just a general sense of the relationship having lost that ‘spark’

  • Dealing with the consequences of infidelity

  • Addressing porn and sex addiction within a relationship

  • Or if as a couple you are needing support to separate in an amicable way

I have helped individuals cope with challenges associated with:

  • Anxiety, Depression, Anger issues, Loneliness

  • Existential Uncertainty

  • Consequences of Sexual Abuse

  • Sexual problems

  • Panic and Phobias

  • Life stages - coping with Ageing

  • Bereavement

So whatever you feel that is holding you back or blocking you, however you feel in relation to the other people in your life, whatever issues you bring we can work through them together.

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