How can we help your relationship?

Our personal relationships can  be both wonderfully amazing and painful experiences. Our partners add to our world and our emotional experience. They shape us as individuals and help us to grow and heal during tough times. They are a source of joy and fun. Our relationships are constantly tested by every day stresses and challenges, our own insecurities and our ways of coping.

As a couple you will have felt connected and understood by each other but is that still the case? How easy it is to misunderstand, to misinterpret each other? Or it can be just the fear of “rocking the boat” that can lead to miscommunication, resentment or frustration?

Dr May and the team at Greenwich Psychology can help you to identify the common communication traps that everybody can fall into.  You will learn how to work through negative communication, resulting in more understanding conversations and positive outcomes.


When you attend the Communication skills for couples’ seminar at Greenwich Psychology, you will learn skills and techniques that will help you to avoid these behavioural traps, help you to improve your relationship whilst understanding how and where you as an individual fit into your partnership.

Communication Skills for Couples’ Workshop
09 Dec 2017, 09:00 – 13:00
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Communication Skills for Couples' Seminar

Greenwich Psychology offers an objective-focused, evidence-based CBT seminar to improve communication skills and empower you to improve your relationship.

The seminar consists of 3 parts: 

  1. Pre-workshop questionnaire: this is a very easy to complete online survey that will allow you to prioritise your personal needs from the seminar.

  2. Workshop: Meet other couples and learn how to enhance your relationship by focusing on improving your communication skills in a 4-hour intensive, interactive workshop in a group setting at our lovely clinic in Greenwich. There will be a minimum of 4 and a maximum of 10 couples per workshop, with coffee breaks and facilities.

  3. Post-workshop follow-up: an email/postal reminder of the workshop and what you, as a couple, committed to.

The total cost is £199 per couple, with an Early Bird price of £149, if booked before 18th November 2017.

There are no additional costs -  this covers everything you will require for the seminar.


In addition, all couples who attend the seminar will qualify for discounted private couple counselling, in the future.


To register your interest and reserve a place on the next seminar for free, we just need one of you to click on the “Register Now” button or even easier just call us on 0207 099 8267.


We treat all your details in the strictest confidence.